It was such a blast to attend WordCamp 2014 last Saturday! I got totally lost between the parking lot and the building, due to construction, and ended up missing the first session, but I was glad that I went.

I attended a seminar on video and podcasting using WordPress, and didn’t realize how much I know about it. I just need to get out there and DO it. Most of my recent experience and practice video production work has been recording silly clips of my cockatoos that I’ve posed on my private FaceBook account for friends to watch. I had no idea how much of that was professionally applicable. I didn’t learn anything new, and my equipment is the same or higher quality (I shoot HD video with my full frame Canon 6D and a Tamron lens, with an attached boom-mic, and edit using Final Cut).

During the lunch seminar, I checked in on my cockatoos. I recently started fostering a lesser sulfur crested named Baby (who we’re nicknaming Sadie since Boo and Arthur also answer to “Baby”), and I’ve not spent more than a few hours apart from her this week. The last time I was out of the house for more ┬áthan 3 hours, she thrashed around in her cage and either threw a tantrum or panicked (it’s hard to tell the difference unless you can listen to the tone of their screams). I have two security cameras pointed at the bird cages that email me everytime the cockatoos move. Luckily Sadie was handling me being gone this time by napping. I posted a cute webcam pic of her to Twitter and tagged it “#WCSTL“.


Seconds later, I saw the lady in front of me looking at the photo I’d just posted. Then it became a fun guessing game as to who I was sitting behind… when she favorited my tweet, I introduced myself and we had a really good laugh.


The speakers were great, and it was a fun time. I ran into two or three people I knew and it was fun to have familiar folks to talk to.

I wish I had been able to go to the after party, but I am still getting over the tail end of this viral flu bug, and the weather was forecasted to be really crummy. I ended up taking some ibuprofen for my headache and rearranging my home office.

I find myself at a really in-between level. Much of the information I already knew, but when I went to a high level developer’s seminar, I was a little lost. I can’t write my own code or even code beyond basic CSS, but I am proficient in most aspects of WordPress that don’t involve actually writing code from scratch. I can follow directions to modify code or add CSS, and I have a broad knowledge of what plugins to use to expand WordPress. I think my biggest skill is efficiently finding useful information that I can apply to whatever I happen to be doing. I am an awesome generalist.

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