Everything looks so great on paper! The contract is drawn up, exciting features agreed upon, a project roadmap made, and everyone thinks they’re ready to go!

You approve the basic graphic design, love the layout and theme and how I’ve integrated your logo and branding into a really functional and cool new site… but…then things get stuck.

hollywood placeholder images80% of my clients, or more, get tripped up with content development, especially when they don’t have an old website with usable wording.¬†

What pictures and wording do you want on the home page? If you add a Frequently Asked Questions page, it sounds great on paper, but what FAQs will you start your site off with? Rotating text and images sound great in the initial plan, but do you have photos and text ready to post?

Generally, the more complex a website is, the more content will need to be developed.¬†Because of this, when you don’t already have a website with usable content for me to copy/paste into the new design, I recommend starting with a basic site and adding on more advanced features later. This ensures that your website is launched in a timely manner without going over budget or launching with demo content.

Content development usually (at minimal) includes wording and pictures for a home page, your first blog entry, your “about” or “services” page; and can include starter content for upcoming events, FAQs, client testimonials, and other areas.

While I’m busy with getting the first phase, the graphical design and color scheming perfected, I recommend you taking the time to at least draft out the basic content for each page that you will have on your website.

You will be able to easily change wording and photos, and even add new pages, once your site is launched; so your content doesn’t need to be perfect or even final, it merely needs to be “good enough” to be public on your site until you come up with something better or are more inspired to write your bio. I just hate to launch a website filled with “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” and placeholder images!

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