This morning, I was inspired! I woke up and knew exactly how to redesign my vintage boutique and blog, I used a bonus download that came from a previous purchase, and chose Canvas (from Woothemes). I opened up that back end and….

… was immediately overwhelmed.

It hit me, that I really just wanted to change the link colors and logo, but that I loved the patchwork design, the front page layout, and all the other colors from the free theme that I’ve been using for the past 10 months or so. Why re-invent the wheel or do unnecessary work? I also didn’t want to change the front page too much, because I am still absurdly proud of myself for following a tutorial to make another widget area (for the front page slider), and removing the original code for the “featured products”.

I put my favorite lavender purple into a color schemer, and changed the links colors.

A big problem with my previous logo, is that it looked too 1800s, too swirly, too vague, and possibly too difficult to read. It did not reflect nor make clear that I sell mostly mid-century vintage clothing, nor that I have a HUGE blog archive of ephemera that I’ve scanned.

1800s style logo

My previous “old” logo for

So… instead of redesigning my site, I also made a new logo:

New logo design for vintagereveries

My new logo design for

I think this new logo design still looks old fashioned, and it carries over the little bird (which is also my vintage photography site,, so maintains consistent branding. This new design is also much more condensed and not as tall, so more content on my site fits “above the fold”. It is now clear, when you go to VintageReveries, that it’s a vintage fashion boutique and blog. As you can see, the title font is more 1950s chintz, to reflect my mid-century fashion focus. The sub-title is consistent with the sub-title font on ReverieRevel. I am tempted to re-design my logo for ReverieRevel similarly 🙂

Speaking of tweaks, and not total changes, I’ve also decided to go with a hybrid sort of ecommerce system for that site. It was getting redundant and NOT profitable to post EVERY item from my Etsy shop to VintageReveries. For now, I’ve decided to only do so for the higher priced/higher profit items, or just re-post them when I have the time.  The payment buttons link to Etsy, anyway. 6 months or so ago, I thought that I would also be selling on eBay more, and that this would be a good way to combine my Etsy and Ebay listings.

The interesting trend with my Etsy shop is that I’ve sold the higher end vintage better on Etsy, and people seem to ignore the things that are for sale that cost less than $35. Depending on sales over the next few months, I might reverse my current direction, and post my bargains/lower profit items for sale only on VintageReveries.

With online e-commerce sites, and any business, there are so many options and directions to take your business in, and businesses can change quicker than fads. The awesome thing about WordPress, is that you can easily and quickly change your site as often as you’d like.

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