I recently made the decision to switch my overly ambitious domain name SelfShotMagazine.com from WordPress to Tumblr. I bought myself this theme for $20 that automatically inserts google adsense, so the site still makes me an occasional cup of coffee (and every visitor counts)!

Here is why I’m using Tumblr as a platform for SelfShotMagazine.com and why I plan on moving a few other topical domain names I have over to it:

  1. Tumblr has free domain name hosting – this saves space and resources on my VPS server, which, as my business continues to take off, needs to have client hosting and services prioritized.
  2. Tumblr is EASY to blog on, or re-blog other people’s content. This is perfect for when you have 5 minutes at a time, which I often do; or lack 1 hour or more to write an original high quality article, which I rarely do (especially for personal projects which are not immediately paying off).
  3. Tumblr is easy to customize. The lack of SO many options or plugins like WordPress has, make it simple. Fewer options = less to customize = easier to customize (for me, anyway).

I would NEVER use Tumblr for an actual business website, where you want pages and a cohesive high end look. You can make pages in Tumblr, and add some special html but it’s not built for that. It is NOT my longterm plan for SelfShotMagazinebut PinupPost has LONG been on Tumblr, and for a picture oriented blog that curates others’ content and posts user submissions, Tumblr is a good enough fit.

For now, I plan on using that adsense optimized Tumblr theme on topical oriented domains that I think will do well on Tumblr (including ReachingMyDreams, ThePrintsOfWhales, and a few others). Rather than wasting away from not being updated, I can take an hour or so to preschedule a week’s worth of re-blogs on the topics those microblogs cover (self portraits, self improvement, and humor). It’s not ideal, because ideally I would be producing more original content, but I tend to get TOO scattered and right now I have been focusing on my career skills as a WordPress and Small Business Helper, and on my vintage-retro styled photography and fashion sales.

What have your experiences been on Tumblr? Are you interested in learning more about Tumblr and microblogging?

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