I still have this vision that irritates and inspires me. I see all these other magazines, all these other so-called magazines, throwing contests and being so “big”… and I think “I could do that”… and the domain SelfShotMagazine.com keeps bugging me at the top of my domain name management panel. I’ve coincidentally been taking alot of self portraits lately. Re-claiming my inner 19 year old that was too socially precocious for the web in 1999 and too busy focusing on being an adult by the time the Internet started to come of age in 2006ish. I’m finding that pictures on a model, versus a mannequin, sell my vintage clothing better, and what more convenient model who knows exactly what I want, than myself?

Quite honestly, most of the self portrait initially posteed were lifted ¬†from the public domain “self portrait” searches on FlickR. I reblog self portraits on my corresponding tumblr blog.

If other people didn’t take me so seriously, didn’t take that ambitious domain name so seriously, I think it would be just another personal project and 2am dot com purchase slipping through the cracks.

After not working on the site in about 4 months, I’ve suddenly had 3 very high quality submissions come in during the last 10 days. I have to be atleast as good as the photographers submitting self portraits, and taking my magazine seriously, think I am.

Sometimes, simple is better. I changed the theme to a barely modified one, although I am not 100% pleased with the widget layout, I think it’ll come together more as I post more articles and content. I might change the theme, too. I am not sure.

I’ve been working on some intense projects lately and wrapping up getting organized for the new year. I can honestly say that I have the time and bandwidth to seriously relaunch SelfShotMagazine.¬†

Why not start a magazine?

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