I’ve bragged about my blog of history and vintage fashions and ephemera, VintageReveries.com, being a showcase for my Search Engine Optimization skills, but in 2015 I put it on post recycle mode and more or less forgot about it.

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Traffic and traffic sources to VintageReveries

As a Christmas present to myself, I bought myself some online business courses off StackSocial and taught myself everything about ElegantTheme’s Divi Framework. I got totally psyched to design my best site and try out what I’d learned! While I was redesigning VintageReveries, they came out with Extra, a theme for blogs with lots of content (like VintageReveries). I switched gears and taught myself everything about ElegantTheme’s Extra theme. I ended up redesigning THIS site on Divi.

When I was analyzed my stats, I realized that I wasn’t getting any hits from Google Images… my image sitemap generator plugin hadn’t been updated by the developers in over 2 years! I switched it out, and within hours, was back to getting search traffic from Google Images.

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Position and page rank for top search terms to VintageReveries

I also submitted a few pages to Reddit, cross posted to Tumblr, and shared some images on Pinterest, which got some additional traffic.

To encourage newsletter sign ups and social sharing, I made popups and more prominent encouragement to share. To that end, I also changed my galleries from small thumbnail galleries, to full sized images in the post, unless there were more than about 5 images to view (and then I kept the traditional gallery format). It is easier to share larger images, makes people stay on the site and scroll to the next one, and it exports more attractively.

Finally, I paid for premium image optimization, resized ALL thumbnails, bought a website-cache and speed booster plugin (you get what you pay for), deleted and replaced unnecessary and abandoned plugins, and optimized my database. I saw that the image search was  I ultimately bought my page speed down from around 12-15 seconds to 3-5 seconds. This was a dramatic improvement! With such an image and feature rich site, it can be a challenge to keep page load speeds slow.

Project Wonderful advertise on VintageReveries Vintage Fashion and Culture

I was absurdly excited the day that this advertisement space was bid up to 9 cents per day

As you can see, below, traffic to VintageReveries comes mostly from search engines, and traffic has only been going up since I redesigned, made it more friendly to search engines, and posted some new content!

I was very excited that the day that I submitted the Summer 1935 Catalog scans to Reddit, that my ProjectWonderful ads went up to 9 cents per day.

My blog of scans that I’ve made of old photos, magazines, books, and ephemera, VintageReveries, continues to be a key portfolio piece for me and a living “test site” where I demonstrate new skills and abilities as I learn them.

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