I would rather learn on my own sites, than try drastically new things on clients’ projects. This is my first design using WooCommerce, rather than WP-Ecommerce, and I decided to simplify and barely modify a free template (I used Artificer). Because of over 2000 scans in the blog area, VintageReveries.com is a very large site, and the back-up was around 3-4 gigs, which timed out my server, so I had to learn how to manually export and import WordPress. On my test site, I imported the original site, change the WP-Ecommerce products to WooCommerce Products and tweaked everything, and then re-uploaded and re-launched the new design with all the old content.

After orienting myself and reading thru the documentation, this took me about 6 hours to pull together… not bad for a weekend project!


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