Website design for a construction company

Website design for a construction company

I took Basset Construction from a flash-based site that was built using, to a cross-browser compatible, more flexible, WordPress based website.

The most difficult part of this project was the galleries: Flash based galleries are undoubtedly “prettier” than WordPress galleries. I customized the gallery CSS code to make the images larger, and added pages with “before” and “after” galleries.

Because of the difference in the way that and Flash based sites are coded, I couldn’t “right click save” or easily import content, although I was able to copy over the text from the old site. Luckily the client still had the high resolution images that I needed to build this site on WordPress.

The client has the ability to easily add new galleries, and is able to maintain and update this site on their own. However, to keep things most efficient with their busy schedule, they’ve elected to sign a maintenance and update agreement with me.

I cannot wait to see this business grow and their site mature!

This site is currently not up as designed!


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