Viral clip: Halloween Fail: Goffins Cockatoo Attacks

Viral clip: Halloween Fail: Goffins Cockatoo Attacks

This fail video is very painful for me to watch, In 2014, I was testing my new video camera for the first time, and thought I would try to capture some cute moments while my birds played on a pumpkin.

Neither of them liked the pumpkin, Arthur bit my ear, and I cursed him out. I posted it online, because after my ear quit bleeding, wanted to have something seasonal to show my birds’ fans! I got contacted by a legit agency, and this clip was seen on:

  • Tosh.o
  • Right This Minute
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • …. and a few other places (friends told me). I wasn’t notified when or where it would air.

The response on the agency version of this video , really taught me about haters and crazy people online! I was judged harshly by lots of people for my not-so-calm reaction.

Arthur has a long history of behavior and aggression issues, and while I shouldn’t have had him on my shoulder to begin with (knowing all that), I challenge anyone to remain calm and collected when narrowly missing a bite to the face!

Having a Youtube clip go viral was an adventure and learning experience!

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