Nonprofit Club website design: Gateway Parrot Club

Nonprofit Club website design: Gateway Parrot Club is one of the most drastic website redesigns that I have ever done. They wanted a website that was flexible towards future growth, with the ability to add more community features in the future, would emphasize their informative and fun events, and would help attract younger members.

I created a highly customized website for the Gateway Parrot Club, with features including an officers and board members layout, downloadable files, photogalleries, and newsletter subscription.

Additionally, I imported and set up around 20 email addresses to be accessible via the web, email client, and forwarding to various primary email accounts.

This was quite a big project, but very fun to work on.

One of the challenges of working with an organization can be getting everyone to agree at certain phases. It takes extra clarity in communication!

Below are a few “before” pictures of their old site. My screenshots in the slideshow to the side, or better yet, go visit

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