Longarm quilting and custom embroidery website

Longarm quilting and custom embroidery website

I helped bring Shelley, the long arm quilter and custom embroider behind Star-CrossedStitches.com into the 20-teens! Her old site was done in old-style static HTML, and was not a reflection of her business or her personal brand.

I connected Shelley with an affordable logo designer to help finesse the logo that she’d drawn by hand, and I created her a friendly crafty WordPress site to match!

I also helped her start her Etsy shop, so that I could embed that, and save her some money so she wouldn’t need to integrate ecommerce quite yet. Sometimes, especially because ecommerce can always be added, it makes most business sense to use a third-party like Etsy or eBay.

These screenshots do not do her site justice. Go visit it: Star-crossedStitches.com

(She doesn’t currently have control of her domain starcrossedstitches.com, so I advised her to buy star-crossedstitches.com and starcrossedstitches.net). 

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