Hotel and Resort Website Design – WestOver Farms

Hotel and Resort Website Design – WestOver Farms

I had the wonderful experience of redesigning . They previously had a flash based website, which didn’t load in mobile browsers and which they couldn’t easily update by themselves. I took their existing branding and colors and created a WordPress based website that included the following features:

  • Online reservations and room inventory – this is almost a complete customer relationship management program, as they can also add reservations from the administrator end.
  • Ecommerce – Customers can now buy frequent fisher memberships online. They’ll be adding their gift shop items soon.
  • Integration with their existing ConstantContact account Customer testimonials Events calendar, and management Frequently asked questions … and many more features I trained their management in adding and creating new content.

They are fully able to update any content within their website by themselves. I collaborated with Reflex Media Solutions, who provided the graphics and high end photography. This was quite an extensive redesign!

This site is not up as designed, but they are still a hosting and maintenance client. 

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