Goth Bride and Airplane

Goth Bride and Airplane

I could not believe that anyone would abandon an airplane (even a small one, like a Cessna 150) in a crummy city neighborhood! I don’t know how many times I drove by it before planning this shoot.

Serendipitously, while the makeup artist was doing Tiffany’s makeup, I got a text from a friend-of-a-friend saying that she saw police cars and people investigating the plane, so I needed to shoot with it ASAP. I told Felina and Tiffany to hurry up.

We drove over there and shot as fast as possible, scared that someone was going to tell us that we couldn’t shoot (as they did the next day, at the same place), or that the police were going to come by and end our shoot. Our original plan was to rip the dress up more, while outside with the airplane, but seeing other people in the lot (miraculously not bothering us) and fearing getting kicked out any minute, we scrapped that idea and played safe.

Poor Tiffany was exhausted by the time we left! I think she snoozed a little on the short drive to Mc. Donald’s because when she stirred, the cashier at the drive through dropped my change…

This video was shot with a handheld hobby camera by the Makeup Artist, and edited in Final Cut Pro by me.



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