Have you ever had your pet into a photography studio? I shot all of STARAvian Parrot Rescue’s adoptable foster birds last weekend. STAR plans to use these photos for promotional purposes, to make a calendar out of, and to put on their new site that I made them.

I think my experience spending a day shooting parrots was similar to doing toddler photos: birds have short attention spans, are easily fascinated by simple things, and love attention. They also look adorable all the time and from any angle – it’s hard to make animals and children look bad! I shot over 1400 photos, and around 880 turned out good enough to give to STARAvian (with a cute bird in focus).

It impressed me that most of the little cockatiels let their foster moms/dads cuddle and pet them for the camera, despite the flash lighting! I think it shows how much attention and care their temporary homes give them, so they will make the best companion birds possible when they finally do get adopted. Only one bird, a traumatized Nanday conure, was totally freaked out by the lights and equipment; but I managed to get a few good pictures of him. The most skittish birds froze long enough for me to get good pictures before either being scared and walking/flying off, or getting comfortable and trying to eat the props.

One of my favorite sets was of the two cockatiels, posed on the red choo-choo train teapot. Last year when I brought it to the office from a yard sale, everyone thought it was the most absurd teapot they’d ever seen. It was a cockatiel sized train! Only these two, taking their modeling gig very seriously, could make this tea pot even sillier.

Below are my favorite photos:

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