It was so much fun getting to bring along my camera and take some event photos at St. Louis Avian Rescue’s (STAR) Meet the Birds event. I also shot some short video clips and will be brushing up on my web-media production skills by editing those!

Each bird is an individual with a unique personality and past; some had horror stories of abuse, and others had simply been surrendered when their owners could no longer take care of them. The macaw sitting on the little girl had been beaten until his spine was injured (he walks funny as a result), and he’s generally “mean” to others… everyone except the daughter of the woman who is currently fostering him. To see them interact together was magical.

I lost track of the birds’ stories. It’s at once incredibly depressing and hopeful that such animals can still make good companions, despite going through horrible traumas.

I took many more, but these below are my favorite.

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