Picture a day, Project 365

A picture a day project, or a 365 POTD, is a commonly used exercise and challenge for photographers and people wanting to improve their photography. I started January 1 with my brand new Canon 6D, and am getting into the habit!

Some days are easy, because I already have things to shoot. Last night I was doing self portraits, playing with a new lighting set up, and so the “picture of the day” was just a choice from my immediate favorite pictures. The day before was fairly easy, too, because I was already shooting. Today, I’m feeling rather creatively drained. I don’t know what I’ll post for today yet.

I’m challenging myself this year, and will be posting my picture of the day in this FaceBook album so that you can see the evolution of my photography thru 2013 (feel free to like my FaceBook page, too!).

Are you doing a 365 project? If so, comment and link to it!