Boo and Arthur came into the studio to shoot pics for the “services” section of this website. They’re such goofy goffins with incredibly short attention spans! I made a “social media dice”, and it was a mistake to start with that. Boo enjoys playing fetch and throwing “balls” around more than most retriever dogs. I used a very fast shutter, and caught him in action!

There was lots of cockatoo emotions (a.k.a. “cockadrama”) and Boo became obsessed with chasing my helper friend’s colorful shoes.

One of the tricks to shooting birds, besides a fast shutter, is to be prepared and have everything set up and planned beforehand; it is probably similar to shooting small children. This shoot lasted only about 30 minutes.

Below are some candids and outtakes, as well as photos that I ended up using on this site.

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