AvianAssist on the backburner

I failed, wonderfully, attempting to launch my nonprofit, AvianAssist at the Strange Folk Festival this weekend. “Failed wonderfully”, because I’ve tended to learn more when things go wrong, than when they go right.

Launching AvianAssist with a photo opportunity at the Strange Folk Festival was overly ambitious for several reasons:

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Random Reflections on My First 30 days (or so) Working a 9-5 in over 5 years

I had my first day working a 9-5 office job on June 29. It’s been a little over a month now.

I had a lot of good clients as a WordPress web-designer and freelancer, and with the burned out anger feelings fading into the past, I’m better able to appreciate all the wonderful people and other small businesses who were the reason why I “made it” for over five years without having a “real job”. I learned invaluable “soft” and demonstrable skills during these past five years, thanks to everything! The further away from freelancing for full time income I mentally get, the more grateful for awesome people and good I feel.

My main take-away from the first 30 days of working a 9-5 job is that this was the right decision at the right time for me to make. In accepting my current position, I do not have any qualms about going with my intuition, curiosity, and logic. It’s been a surprisingly easy transition in all ways.

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Going in a totally different direction

I have honestly been missing being in an office. Working 100% from home since last October has been challenging, although at first fun. I miss working as part of a team on bigger and more complex projects than what I can accomplish alone. Recently, as I’ve started exploring the local St. Louis job market, I’ve discovered that I am passionate about online training….

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The Cost of Building a WordPress website

Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth on listing prices for WordPress websites.

A few months ago, I made up some base web-design packages, and thought that I had everything perfected. I even purchased a webdesign cost estimation plugin, and set it up.

However, when nobody in a certain field lists prices, there is usually a reason….

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Speeding up websites

One of the things that I've been learning about lately, is speeding up websites as a component of search engine optimization. There is debate about if your Google Pagespeed score matters, as it measures lots of other things besides page speed and usually suggests...

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2016 Preview of Exciting Changes

Over this summer, I experienced some major changes and went through a few months of feeling totally uninspired. This "blah" time in my personal life happened at the same time as a "blah" time with my businesses. We decided to give up the office and keep the warehouse....

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Pet Photography Special

I’m going to be at the All American Hookbill Fair this Saturday (August 22) selling toy blocks for birds and giving away coupons for a pet photography special.

If you miss this annual avian exposition, don’t worry, because I’m making giving these special pet photography rates through the end of September.

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FaceBook Pages vs Profiles

Many people wonder what the difference between Facebook profiles vs FaceBook pages are. Mashable has an article where they define Facebook pages, profiles, and groups. Ultimately, by having FaceBook pages for each of my brands, I am able to reach niche audiences and to separate and draw boundaries between my personal life and my brands.

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Graphics and FaceBook Memes

I got sick of talking about it, sick of thinking about it… so I decided to make some cute bird graphics and memes for Facebook and Instagram!
FaceBook memes and Internet graphics don’t need to be very complex, and Photoshop gives me almost a paralyzing amount of options. I decided to try to hack it with an iPad app.

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When Tumblr is a better platform than WordPress

I recently made the decision to switch my overly ambitious domain name SelfShotMagazine.com from Wordpress to Tumblr. I bought myself this theme for $20 that automatically inserts google adsense, so the site still makes me an occasional cup of coffee (and every visitor counts)!

Here is why I’m using Tumblr as a platform for SelfShotMagazine.com and why I plan on moving a few other topical domain names I have over to it:

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New WordPress book site: ArnieAndBebe

I had the pleasure to move ArnieAndBeBe.com from a static HTML and Javascript site to WordPress. The original design was fantastic, and it was a learning lesson in re-creating someone else’s work in a custom WordPress theme!

The problem with the old site was that, being all custom code, the client could not update the site himself and he was dependent on his old webdesigner for every little content change.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that if you don’t like me updating your site, or you’d like to update it and maintain it yourself, it’s very easy and cheap to find another person to take over doing your content updates or to do them yourself.

Dr. Lar wanted to be able to add new digital downloads, sell physical books, announce book signings, and easily expand his site in the future.

ArnieAndBebe.com features:

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New Photography Collection: Models in Bird Cages

Over the past few years, I’ve taken many pictures of various women, myself included, in bird cages. I feel that these are some of my most unique and meaningful photos, ranging from humorous to haunting. There’s tons of symbolism to being in a cage that is too small, that you can willingly get out of.

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I hate blogging for myself

I can never think of anything to say, unless it’s drivel about my birds that I post on my personal FaceBook profile or short blurbs and retweets on Twitter. Other people are so much more interesting than I think myself to be!

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Outtakes of my goffin's website shoot

Boo and Arthur came into the studio to shoot pics for the "services" section of this website. They're such goofy goffins with incredibly short attention spans! I made a "social media dice", and it was a mistake to start with that. Boo enjoys playing fetch and throwing...

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