I had the pleasure to move ArnieAndBeBe.com from a static HTML and Javascript site to WordPress. The original design was fantastic, and it was a learning lesson in re-creating someone else’s work in a custom WordPress theme!

The problem with the old site was that, being all custom code, the client could not update the site himself and he was dependent on his old webdesigner for every little content change. This worked out, until the webdesigner got busy and could no longer update in a timely manner.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that if you don’t like me updating your site, or you’d like to update it and maintain it yourself, it’s very easy and cheap to find another person to take over doing your content updates or to do them yourself.

Dr. Lar wanted to be able to add new digital downloads, sell physical books, announce book signings, and easily expand his site in the future.

ArnieAndBebe.com features:

  • ecommerce for physical and downloadable products
  • a fully customized WordPress theme
  • several easily changeable slideshows
  • mailing list integration (with Mailchimp)
  • upcoming events

Additionally, I’ve consulted with Dr. Lar to help him get his eBooks and physical books listed on Amazon, as you can see here on his Amazon.com author page (I’m in the midst of helping him complete his author profile).

I formatted his graphical PDFs to Amazon specifications, so that it could be listed on the Kindle e-book store. This saved him money, as others who offer this kind of formatting charge minimally $300, and I gave Rede a price based upon my actual time (about half that).

It’s been a great experience, and I’m doing ongoing work.

Go check out ArnieAndBebe.com!

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