I’ve had some amazing experiences for growth in the past few months. I’m switching away from using ReverieRevel as my primary photography brand, to putting everything under this site, KMurrayCreative, to more holistically represent myself as an artist and online communicator. ReverieRevel will be focused exclusively on my vintage style of personal glamor and pinup photography. Fashion, groups, family photos, nature photos, and my modern Photoshop Art… will go under this site/brand, KMurrayCreative.

I’ve also fine-tuned my approach to website design. It’s true that one tends to learn more easily from stressful experiences, but it’s taken a few months of introspection and considerably more effort to figure out what my own strengths are, and what I more broadly excel at. I treat each customer as if they’re buying Haute Couture, when my prices are more prêtàporter. I love working with small businesses, artists, and budding entrepreneurs. I’ve even had great experiences bartering. Rather than drastically raise my general rates to be commiserate with my high level of customer service and skills, I’m becoming more exclusive in who I choose to work with. Ultimately, designing websites is just as much of an intrinsically enjoyable art to me as photography is. It’s just as important to me that I truly enjoy working on a project, as that I make money from working on it.

Currently, I’m working on learning Final Cut Pro and developing more current skills with video production for the web. Back in 2006, I professionally produced online training courses, and I would like to get back into that... a lot has changed in 6 years! 

In early 2013, I will be offering Photography workshops and creative salones, making use of my exclusive studio space and huge collection of vintage clothing. I’m currently waiting for the new studio space remodel to be completed with restrooms.

I cannot wait to see what unfolds in the next few months!

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