I’m really excited that I figured out how to import my Etsy listings to my Woocommerce based eCommerce site, VintageReveries. I did this all with free plugins and programs.

Here is what I did to import over 100 product listings on Etsy to my Woocommerce site last night:

  1. installed WooCommerce CSV Import
  2. downloaded my product listings CSV from Etsy
  3. formatted the spreadsheet using OpenOffice. I had to rename and delete various columns. This required a few tries before I got it right! The most difficult thing was importing the product images, because I had to figure out how to merge columns while keeping the data, and having that data separated by |
  4. to merge the columns, I created a new column called picture (as per the sample csv provided by the plugin) and used the formula =CONCATENATE( O2; “|”; P2; “|”; Q2; “|”; R2; “|”; S2 )  – In a google search, I found this forum post and this forum post on OpenOffice, which gave me the idea to use this spreadsheet forumla.
  5. then, I copied the formula and hit “paste special” for the other 109 cells in the column…
  6. at this point, I saved the csv as new, so I wouldn’t lose where I was at, incase of failure
  7. after saving, I deleted Etsy’s picture columns which were columns O,P, Q, R, & S in my spreadsheet…. I also deleted the columns not specified by the spreadsheet
  8. to make the tags pretty, I hit “find and replace” and replaced Etsy’s _ with spaces, and I had to replace Etsy’s commas with | as per the plugin’s example spreadsheet data.
  9. I saved and uploaded my spreadsheet and waited for a few minutes…

… when I got a 404 error, I wanted to pull my hair out… but just incase, I checked my products. It worked, and all my Etsy products were in Woocommerce! I hadn’t categorized them on the spreadsheet, so just used the wordpress bulk edit tool to place them in appropriate categories. This took about 2 minutes.

The main product photos are a little messed up, but I’m thinking this is just a spreadsheet formatting issue.

The hardest part was figuring out how to format the csv spreadsheet correctly, after having not really done anything with spreadsheets since 2007-ish.

Anyway, this saves me a bunch of time in listing Etsy items and keeping my self hosted ecommerce site updated! It was taking me approximately 5-10 minutes per product to manually copy/paste and upload pictures into my ecommerce site from Etsy, or visa versa… and that little bit of extra time adds up, and doesn’t make sense for cheaper/lower profit items! Because of that, I was thinking that I’d just switch to selling exclusively on Etsy, turning VintageReveries into a blog with maybe a few featured products… but I’m so happy to change that plan!


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