We all know that updating social media and writing blogs can be a PIA. Blogging consistently is one of those business activities that doesn’t have a very clearly defined return on investment, and yet is an investment you should make.  Benefits of blogging as a business include building community, engaging and motivating potential and previous clients, increasing your search engine optimization (search engines want to deliver results that are helpful to their users, and each high-quality blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from search)…. and much more.

The most consistent blog that I keep is VintageReveries (redesigned again, this weekend). It’s a niche topic, scans of old photos and magazines that I make as part of my volunteer work for the Carondelet Historical Society, and it’s mostly pictorial. I blog on ReverieRevel much less lately as I’ve had fewer creative shoots, more private paid work, and have plateaued on my learning curve.

This site, about my WordPress website design and professional services, is the hardest one for me to write blog entries for. I think that because it represents “me” as a professional, I over think posts and get too critical of myself. I’ve tried using my own free blogging template, but the “blog plan” is easily forgotten when having a super busy week, and easily procrastinated on when having a slow week.

Here are my ideas about how to blog consistently, based on what I’ve borrowed from the success of VintageReveries, and what I’ve learned from failing to post consistently on this site:

  1. Don’t be afraid to have a voice and write personally. Freeing yourself of fear of being yourself in business will open new ideas for blogging to you. Like this blog post idea 🙂
  2. Don’t pick your blogging ideas apart, and don’t be over critical of your writing. Blogging is by nature less formal than essay writing, and much less formal than writing white papers or other publications. I can pick my blog entries to pieces, especially on sites like this one where I am trying to show only my best. Sometimes bad grammar and imperfection happen, that’s why after publishing the “edit post” button still exists.
  3. Write when you have time, and write as much as you can in that time. Even it it’s a little half-baked, write and save it as a draft! Blogging is one of those easy to procrastinate tasks, partially because it’s not terribly urgent and because you can do it (literally) anytime you have access to the Internet, even from your phone.
  4. Preschedule posts. I often preschedule posts on VintageReveries. WordPress has the ability to easily pre-schedule posts under the “publish” next to “publish immediately”.
  5. Set reasonable goals for your blog posting schedule. I try to blog on VintageReveries once a week. If I write more posts, I feel happy for myself. But when I’m prescheduling posts, I usually set it for 2x a week, because I know that amount is the maximum that I can do. I try to write something in this blog atleast twice a month, though ideally once a week.

Now that I’ve written this, it’s time to take my own advice on blogging consistently!

Do you have any advice to add?

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