I can never think of anything to say, unless it’s drivel about my birds that I post on my personal FaceBook profile or short blurbs and retweets on Twitter. Other people are so much more interesting than I think myself to be! 

It takes me ages to write two sentences in this blog, and yet I can time myself at writing 3 or 5 quality paragraphs for a friend. It concerns me for myself that maybe I am becoming so Facebook-ified, so Twitter-ified, Text-ified… that I am losing the ability to write much at length about myself or my business?

After reading some inspiring articles about self promotion, especially this article about Five Things I Learned About Self Promotion Without Being a Spam-bot, I am resolved (for the 23rd time) to keep up this blog, even if it’s just to check in and say “hi” once in a while.



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