I got sick of talking about it, sick of thinking about it… so I decided to make some cute bird graphics and memes for Facebook and Instagram!

FaceBook memes and Internet graphics don’t need to be very complex, and Photoshop gives me almost a paralyzing amount of options. I decided to try to hack it with an iPad app.

I’m not sure how I found it, but I stumbled upon the Rhonna Designs Photo Editing App. Can you BE in love with an app?

I challenged myself to make a meme a day about birds, for StarAvian’s FaceBook page. I made them square oriented so that I could also share them on my personal Instagram account. Photos are from my various photoshoots for STAR Avian Rescue. You should check out the story under the “#ThrowBackThursday” meme of Moe, the Amazon parrot, who got reunited with his original owner earlier this year.

Check out what I made below:

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