Many people wonder what the difference between Facebook profiles vs FaceBook pages are. Mashable has an article where they define Facebook pages, profiles, and groups. The differences and best uses are evident from reading the definitions.

How I use my profile is different than how I use my page. Because Facebook profiles are noncommercial and intended to tell a person’s story, yet I am also a small business freelancer, I post different things to different friend groups. Generally, publically, I will share pithy stories, random thoughts, and very very occasionally a political opinion. For friends, I will share location check-ins and post about social activities. For close friends, I’ll very occasionally post about my relationship or deeper thoughts and opinions. I don’t overtly nor often promote my webdesign business, vintage clothing, or even my birds.

In contrast, I have quite a few Facebook pages. I use them to promote my brands and related topics. Those pages are all about THEM: My page about KMurrayCreative promotes my WordPress webdesign and business services. My page VintageReveries promotes my vintage fashion blog, vintage clothing, and unique vintage styled photography. TheBirdyBabe is just all about my birds.

A big benefit of a Facebook page over a FaceBook profile for those brands is the ability to reach targeted audiences. Those who are interested in historical vintage fashions are probably not terribly interested in seeing lots of pictures of Boo with food on his beak. Etcetera.

Also, with a FaceBook page, you can track statistics and who is looking at your page and liking it. You can buy FaceBook ads to promote your business or brand, and reach more people than having a facebook profile.

I felt like I confused people when I started up my facebook page about my birds, and using it to post 99% of their cute pics and clips to… but it has been wonderful to reclaim my profile and connect with the diverse friends that I have. Those friends of mine who LOVE seeing LOTS of pics and clips of Boo and Arthur have “liked” my FaceBook page. People who wanted to know more about Boo and Arthur, but didn’t care to know my political beliefs and non-bird adventures, like my page and don’t have to follow my profile to weed thru the diversity in order to find my cute bird posts.

Ultimately, by having FaceBook pages for each of my brands, I am able to reach niche audiences and to separate and draw boundaries between my personal life and my brands.

What are your thoughts?

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