I ran into Dave Rutherford, Steadicam operator, at a St. Louis art gallery opening earlier this year. He worked on some I.A.T.S.E. projects with my boyfriend, and it was fun to get introduced and make new friends. Dave Rutherford is one of the few Steadicam operators in the Midwest (the only Steadicam operator in St. Louis), and I previously had no idea that such a cinematography specialty existed!

His business site, HouseOfMotion.tv was static, and in bad need of being brought into the 20-teens. I met with him and his business partner Cory B. Clay, we talked ideas, I showed them how I recently helped the Gateway Parrot Club… and the WordPress portfolio website building project was on!

I try to make every WordPress website that I design my best to date, and this site was no exception. It’s the first time that I’ve worked very much with integrating video into WordPress, and the first artist portfolio site besides my own that I’ve built in quite a while. It was really good to apply some new things I’ve learned, and end up with such an awesome result.

One of the technical things that I started doing in late 2014 was building child themes, and (almost) exclusively using the Themify framework and a starter Themify theme. I switched from iThemes Builder to Themify because I like the smooth modern looks of the starter themes, that new themes are more frequently released, it’s quicker loading, less expensive, and that the code is easier for me to understand and modify. I prefer to specialize in one widely supported and frequently updated WordPress theme framework, because this helps me toward my goal of more thoroughly understanding code and working efficiently so that I can offer my clients the very best service and prices.

I’m excited to add HouseOfMotion.tv to my WordPress website design portfolio, and happy to provide them with ongoing website support.

See the “before” screenshots below, and be sure to check out the current awesome site at HouseOfMotion.tv


My redesign of HouseOfMotion.tv, with WordPress:

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