Eating a cheese burger with cockatoos

How I eat at home.

Hi, I’m Jessica Kay Murray! Or, if there’s another Jessica in the room you can call me Kay, thus my brand of “KMurrayCreative” was formed.

A strong believer in co-creating; I truly place customer satisfaction as a top priority.

I’m no stranger to the broad range of Internet communications; having spent the past 10 years working for small businesses to running my own business. Some of my responsibilities and positions included: product photography, writing product descriptions, online learning producer, web-content writer, website designer, and Internet marketer.

My diverse work experiences have taught me the importance of efficiently learning and integrating new technologies for businesses; along with the skills to communicate with people on all levels of knowledge (ranging from the IT specialist, to someone who is not technologically savvy).

I believe in transparent and honest professional communication when deciding to work with someone, whether it’s for a simple project or a long-term contract. When I unsure of answer, I continue to research the issue further until I have reached a sound and correct answer. Nor am I ashamed to decline projects that are beyond my skills or time availability. Always continue to self-educate, I do my best to stay abreast of the latest news in the fields of WordPress, Internet technology, Internet media, online communications and web marketing. Our greatest power is knowledge!

Other Work, Hobbies, and Volunteer Interests:

Volunteering has always been the most rewarding experience, it feeds a level of humanity and gives me a feeling of true purpose—being apart of something that holds value is humbling and gives a sense of appreciation. Volunteering has been important to since my teenage years. Since moving to St. Louis, I’ve volunteered for STAR Avian Rescue, The Carondelet Historical Society, and The Dred Scott Foundation. Charitable work is fun, refreshing and pleasurable. Being able to interact with others from all walks of life truly creates a dynamic experience. There is invaluable insight and inspiration that comes from giving freely.

In 2011 I started volunteering my photography services and spare time scanning old photos to the Carondelet Historical Society. In attempting to photographically preserve and capture their clothing collection, I became fascinated for the first time with the history of fashion, and improved my photography from amateur to professional level. It was one of the biggest turning points of my adult life. Because of my images of the clothing fashions from the Carondelet Historical Society getting noticed online, I made a friend in the estate sale business, and began working for her, and growing my personal inventory of clothing from the 1920s-1970s.

You can find out more about my interest in vintage fashions, see my special historical re-creation photography, view scans I’ve made from old ephemera, and learn more about my passion for history on 

My Cockatoos

My lifelong companion is Boo, a Goffins cockatoo who I’ve had since he was 10 weeks old in early 2000. Goffins and other parrots have life expectancies of at least 50 years, and studies have shown that they are as smart as 2-3 year olds. It is profound to have spent my entire adult life with such an intense, intelligent, and long lived animal companion.

In late 2011, I adopted Arthur, also a Goffins cockatoo, after fostering him with the STAR Avian rescue here in St. Louis. Although Boo hadn’t been socialized very much with other cockatoos, and Arthur was reported to have a screaming and biting problem, he was a perfect fit and has taught Boo how to be a bird! The scars and sometimes scabbed over fresh bites on my hands and arms, with only two exceptions, are all from Arthur.

February 2015 brought me my last feathered addition, a Moluccan cockatoo named Misha. Adopting an animal that can (and does) scream at over 105 decibels (that I’ve reliably measured), and which could as easily bite a finger off as he chomps through pine 2x4s, was not a logical decision. Sometimes, you just connect with another being, and your heart and intuition override logic.

Having exotic birds like this is a lifelong learning endeavor, and I continue to keep abreast of current research and theories about parrot psychology and behavior management. You can follow my very candid moments of living with my cockatoos on my FaceBook page and my Instagram page.
Recent Instagram Pics (mostly of my birds)

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