Below are a few very good reasons why you should not work with me. Seriously.

  1. You want me to design the next Please hire me to be on the team, but do not put me in charge of personally building a huge complex 100% custom coded non-WordPress website! I’m learning code, slowly, but it’s not one of my major strengths or interests. What I AM good at, is bringing people and existing code together.
  2. You have no clue what design style you want, but you’ll know when you see it. Please keep looking for inspiration, and get in touch with me when you find it. If I were a psychic, I would be rich from lottery winnings.
  3. You want your site to be built on Flash. That is so 10+ years ago. Even back then, professionals were advising against building websites with Flash.
  4. You are looking for massive search engine traffic, without investing the time to blog or use social media. The only way that this is possible is by buying Google Ads (which I can happily help you with). I am not such a hacker that I can build a site that gets high search engine traffic without ongoing content updates and social media promotion. I’m happy to write your blog entries for you, update your social media, and optimize your site so that it has the best chance of getting found!
  5. You don’t “do” written communication. I work with contracts and change orders. As my personal business policy, I require that all details, changes, and agreements will be agreed upon in writing. If we have a phone call or meeting about changes to your site, I will follow up with an email clarifying what I understood from my notes. I will not make a change to your website without at least an emailed “yes” answer to my follow up email after our phone call. This saves both of us from the stress of misremembering and miscommunication.

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