Me, my boyfriend, and his business partner will be opening up the studio and throwing our 3rd annual sale and open house on Friday November 28th! We’ll be there around 8am, and it’s all indoors. We’ll have a ton of treasures from our attics including comic books, old electronics, and random stuff.

I’ve priced most of my wearable vintage for $20 or less (with many at $5-$10). These are the pieces that might need some mending or have a few stains, but are perfectly wearable and make great costume or one-time wear dresses. These dresses would retail for $15-$50 online, but I just don’t have the time or energy to list them in my online shop!

If you’re not in St. Louis and interested in filling up a flat rate shipping box, or buying a “lot”, contact me!

In 2015, I will be focusing exclusively on vintage that’s rare, high end, or wedding related. I just like weddings. I’ve been looking into doing wedding photography, but that’s a subject for another email…

After the sale, we’re going to start renovating the upstairs with different sets to allow for a variety of photos and videos to be taken. We’re open to renting the space selectively to other photographers and media producers. If this has piques your curiosity, contact me (or stop and see the space on Black Friday)!

We hope to see you on Black Friday, if only to stop by and have some coffee.

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vintage sale on black friday

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