Over this summer, I experienced some major changes and went through a few months of feeling totally uninspired. This “blah” time in my personal life happened at the same time as a “blah” time with my businesses. We decided to give up the office and keep the warehouse. My boyfriend’s business was paying most of the rent, and I really prefer to work from home with my cockatoos anyway. Client meetings can be done at the nearby Starbucks or St. Louis Bread Co (or preferably any small nearby locally owned cafe that I am familiar with). I have been uninspired to seriously pursue studio photography for quite some time anyway, so it was a relief of self imposed performance pressure to give up the studio-office space, with the bathroom, changing areas, and natural light! I really do wish that I liked children and family photography more, but I just don’t. Nor do I care for weddings. My passion as far as photography goes is the thrill of working occasional events, and of creating photography as art and for my personal projects. I’ve also had to re-think my website design as a business.

The possibilities with WordPress are truly endless. I tend to be scattered anyway, and it is super easy for me to get totally spread in a million directions! To that end, I’ve decided to focus on ONE theme framework and building almost every new website using the Divi Theme framework by ElegantThemes. This will allow me to easily and efficiently build beautiful but simple sites for small budgets and starter businesses, as well as quite complex websites.

It’s easy for websites to stall, or even become abandoned by clients, especially at the content adding phase and right before the final launch. It’s been very inspiring to find solid advice on how to deal with these situations, professionally, and improve my design process so that this business runs as stress free, for both me and my clients, as possible.

To that end, in 2016 and beyond, I’ve made my standard contract even more clear, and I’ve created a client area that will track progress on each project. Further, I’ve taken it upon myself to take online courses in business development and seek out industry websites and connections.

Most of my challenges as a WordPress website designer specializing in new and small businesses, have been entirely my fault and preventable if I had studied more business principles, emulated those more successful than I, and connected with more experienced WordPress webdesigners.

As far as my still pretty big collection of vintage clothing goes? I am selling the low-mid end for about what I paid for it, or below. It’s just taking up space! I invested in it back in 2011, dreamed of having a retail shop, and realized the depressing realities of brick-and-mortar retail. I did OK selling on Etsy and at various sales events…. but got burnt out of selling the clothing that could realistically retail for $30 or less. If you can believe it, I still have around 200 “wearable” pieces that I want to sell, and that’s probably estimating low! Ultimately, I”m going to be re-inventing VintageReveries.com as a quirky cool boutique of rare fashions and finds. 

I’m also back to scanning old ephemera, and I really do love to blog about history. Right now, VintageReveries.com is currently ranking #1 on Google for “1935 fashion”, among other search terms!

Stay tuned for more reflections and blogging. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, too! I’m taking my own advice and writing more.

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